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Almost a published author . . .

Oh man . . . Oh. Man. So the 28th is coming fast.  As I've gone through this process, I keep being reminded that I thought I knew what to expect, but, in fact, walking in actual author shoes is an experience I hadn't counted on.  There's minutia, you see.  Lots and lots of minutia, and I only saw the tip of the proverbial iceberg during the process.  There's no way I'd be a publisher of books.  In comparison, I can only say that it was cute when I was a publisher of an e-zine. There were things to look after in the ezine world as far as editing, layout, design, proofing, coaching and mentoring, but the sheer number of little things to keep track of in publishing a book is just boggling to me.

It's not like the movies, either.

In the movie industry, a person appears in a film as an actor, maybe has some success, and will oftentimes take a look at what the director is doing and say, "Oh!  I could totally do that."  

And so they do. It's difficult, but it's at least related.

A writer, on the other hand, generally doesn't write a few books and then become a publisher.  They don't invent special, innovative new fonts and cover art that have never been done before.  Nope.  Writers write, and publishers publish.  If both do their jobs correctly, readers will then be able to read.

That's sort of the order of the written universe.  Some do it all on their own, and I just can't even imagine doing that. They're the auteurs of the publishing industry, and my hat's off to them. I couldn't do it.  I write. That's what I do. And I edit. The rest?  Well, I'm glad someone is out there who is willing to make sure the rest comes together.

So, the publisher has done its job, or will have by this time next week.  I hope I've done my job -- only the sales and the feedback will tell that score.  So, the next job is yours.  I hope I've made it easy for you.

Say "hi" to Phred when you see him!