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A freebie! 8/17/2014

So, I was thinking about where the whole Nasty thing came from, and decided to post up the short story and the tale behind it.  It's available for free on this website, on the Nasty page (go ahead and giggle at the Nasty references, I do!)

So, here's the link, in case you just want to go there and download. Go to the bottom of the page and click the "download pdf" link.  Tada!  Yours! (Did I mention it's free?)

The release is coming up soon. Can't believe it's finally happening!  I also can't believe the minutia involved in just being an author.  I was ready for this, but then I wasn't, if that makes any sense.  I'll get a PM from someone on Facebook saying that there's a bad link on an author page I created five years ago, or that a google search doesn't yield the results it should, and I scurry out to fix it. I would have been oblivious of these things if not for the wonderful people in the writing community, and the fans  who help me out. (Whoa! I have fans!)  Like raising a child, it seems it takes a village to raise an author. 

Enjoy that download, and don't forget to get Nasty!


The World According to Nate Jepson

"If you want good Mexican food, go for the vans. That stuff they sell in the chain places resembles Mexican food in the same way that a good pair of combat boots does. That’s not a fair analogy I suppose; the chains at least get the texture right . . . for combat boots.
Burrito in hand, I drove the rest of the way home. This is an art form, driving with a large burrito. It’s not for the faint of heart or the unskilled. Too many times innocent burritos are lost on the floorboards of life for want of a skilled driver." 

-- Nate Jepson, from Nasty, due out August 2014 from Courtney Literary